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3 Secrets To Autodesk Revit – Faster Power Management GPU Overclocked GPU Boosters A still-clocked version 2.0 alpha release has been optimized for “future release” particularly for NVIDIA both in-development and cloud see post 27 September 07:09 AM EDT – NVIDIA – Neural Networks With Vulkan Feral’s GameMode Gets Patches To Adjust I/O Priority For Games Feral’s GameMode open-source project for dynamically increasing the CPU performance of Linux game engines has been facing improvements with the 2.3.1 release stream used by Steam Play / Proton.

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27 September 06:11 AM EDT – Linux Gaming – GameMode + IO Priorities Debian Developers Weighed The Idea Of Not Allowing Q&A Sessions At Their Conference Debian developers have been discussing what to many seems like a rather unorthodox idea of not allowing questions/answers following presentations at their annual DebConf conference. This idea of banning questions and answers follows a policy by a Python conference that forbids questions/answers following presentations and is meant to help ease newcomers. 27 September 01:06 AM EDT – Debian – Helps Newcomers BigBen PS3OFMINIPAD Gaming Controller To Be Supported By Linux 4.20~5.0 The PS3OFMINIPad is a low-cost wired gamepad controller manufactured by UK-based BigBen Interactive and marketed for use with the PlayStation 3 and being a “kid friendly” controller.

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27 September 12:25 AM EDT – Linux Gaming – PS3OFMINIPAD Linux 4.19-rc6 Kernel Released By Greg KH Continuing to serve as the release manager in the absence of Linus Torvalds, Greg Kroah-Hartman today released Linux 4.19-rc6 as the latest test release for the Linux 4.19 kernel that will debut as stable in October. 27 September 11:06 AM EDT – Linux Kernel – Linux 4.

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19-rc6 Thanks Google: Linux Kernel Finally Nearing Support For The Apple Magic Trackpad 2 More hints announced the Magic Trackpad 2 almost three years ago to the day while the mainline Linux kernel will finally be supporting this multi-touch device soon. 27 September 09:09 AM EDT – Hardware – Magic Trackpad 2 Intel Lands Final Batch Of Display/Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 4.20~5.0 Intel developers this week sent out their final set of feature updates for the “i915” Direct Rendering Manager driver for the upcoming Linux 4.20~5.

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0 kernel cycle. 27 September 08:46 AM EDT find out here now Intel – i915 DRM click for source Driver To Allow Radeon GPU Fan Speed Controls Via Sysfs A set of five patches were sent out on Sunday by AMD’s Rex Zhu that enable RPM fan settings to be viewed and manually toggled via the sysfs interface. 27 September 07:24 AM EDT – Radeon – Manual Fan Speed Controls Unvanquished Open-Source Game Still Coming Along, More Assets Licensed CC-By-SA 3.0 It has been a long time since last having anything new to report on the Unvanquished open-source game project that is powered by the “Daemon Engine” as a long ago fork from ioquake3 and has seen countless improvements since. At least when the project started out several years back, the visual quality was great and they had been doing great alpha releases.

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However, in the past two years they haven